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Trilingual Legal Support For Immigrants

In the current political climate, immigration law can change suddenly. The best way to protect yourself and your family from unnecessary legal hurdles is to work with an experienced immigration lawyer who can keep you up to date on current law.

At Cochran Law Firm, we are committed to helping immigrants legally live and work in the communities they choose. We serve clients who have come from all over the world, and we are proud to offer in-house translation for our Spanish-speaking and Korean-speaking clients.


Get The Right Visa For Yourself And Your Loved Ones

We help our clients with a wide range of immigration services, falling into three major categories: family-based immigration, employment-based immigration and deportation defense.

Family immigration: One the greatest benefits of immigrating is reuniting family members. If you are a U.S. citizen or legal resident seeking to help your spouse, children, siblings, parents or other family members join you in Texas, we can help.

Employment immigration: Contributing to the U.S. economy while earning a living and advancing your own career is another major driver of immigration. With the endorsement of your U.S.-based employer in fields such as IT, finance, engineering, mathematics, science, medicine and other technical disciplines, we can help you obtain an H-1 visa or H-2 visa that will allow you to work in the U.S.

We also have helped international investors obtain EB-5 visas in order to do business in the U.S. We will help you identify targeted employment areas (TEAs) that require a lower investment to obtain a visa.

Deportation: It is much more difficult — in some cases impossible — to obtain residency after being deported from the U.S. If you or a loved one is facing removal proceedings, we will help you secure a bail bond so that you can remain free while facing your legal challenge. We examine your case thoroughly and design a strong defense. And when deportation is inevitable, we can help slow the process down so that you can make appropriate arrangements before returning to your country of origin.

An Immigration Attorney Fighting For You

We offer free initial consultations in Plano in English, Spanish and Korean. To schedule an appointment, email Cochran Law Firm or call 254-466-7801.

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